Coronavirus pandemic has affected the world with its adverse effects throughout the world. The most hitter sector of this pandemic was the ones where tourism was flourishing and the places were full of life once. Coronavirus not only affects tourism but also affected the business related to tourism.

Below are some of the most visited places which were once the center of tourists from around the world.

1. Mecca

Mecca is the holiest place for Muslims around the globe and Muslims come here from different parts of the world to pilgrimage but due to the upcoming wave of pandemic coronavirus the Saudi Government has pause pilgrimage and Islamic rituals of pilgrimage have been paused from Saudi Government from the past few days due to the prevention from COVID-19.


Saudi Arabia which has the major revenue in its economy from the Muslim visitors who visit Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage and Mecca is known to be the highest visiting place in the world.

2. Rome

Rome was looking like an abandoned city where silence prevails on the streets which were once full of English and US tourists and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is quite hard to predict that when the joyous life will be live back again.


Rome was one of the tourism heavens of Italy due to its monuments, Colosseum, catacombs & different archeological sites, as Italy was infected from Coronavirus and most causalities occurred in Italy.

3. Milan

Milan the city of fashion and design, a place of colors and capital of fashion shows is most affected by the pandemic of COVID-19 where all fashion and tourism are on a halt from the wave of COVID-19. No one has ever seen Milan in such a state as it is now. Major fashion brands like Vogue, Prada, Giorgio Armani, Versace& Elle held their fashion shows in Milan every month and tourists from the corners of the world attend them.


If we talk about the archeological and historical heritage than among Milan’s most visited places Duomo di Milano is the one which was always an attraction of tourists. Duomo di Milano is one of the biggest Churches and it was completed in the duration of nearly 600 years.

4. New York

New York is a marvelous city that is a tourist attraction on one hand and on the other hand, it is known for its commercial and financial activities. The city of Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty is enriched in art and culture too, with several museums to inspire and spend time in a meaningful way contrary to that if you are a shopping enthusiast than you will certainly want to spend some bucks on top brands into the 5th Avenue for some latest trends.

NEW York
NEW York

But unfortunately, New York has been locked down due to the increased cases of COVID-19 in New York and declare as calamity area by the WHO.

5. France

Whenever we have been called for the trip to France the first image which comes into imagination is Eiffel Tower and Paris. What more a person will describe the city of Paris but a place of romance, art, and fragrances.


But unfortunately WHO has observed strict lockdown due to the rapid increase in COVID-19 throughout the country through the lockdown was initiated with a bit delay and that’s why the number of patients are increasing rapidly.

6. Spain

Spain is enriched with Christian and Islamic history simultaneously as Muslims have ruled over there for more than 600 years and leave many of their cultural and archeological signs. Spain is among the most visit country due to it enriches the culture and depiction of art from its historical constructions. The most prominent archeological construction is, beautifully and well-known Great Mosque of Cordoba& largest gothic church Seville Cathedral and Alcazar.


Apart from its art and culture, many European tourists are attracted to its sunny beaches and blue sea. Spain has been severely struck by the COVID-19 recently and the whole country had been locked down for remedial purposes but Spain initiatives towards COVID-19 prevention were quite similar to France, as both countries have taken a precautionary step with delay.

7. Shanghai

China has stopped the celebration of its new year due to the COVID-19 and Shanghai city has been emptied from tourists due to the possible contaminations from COVID-19 as a precautionary measure.


Among the most affected countries from COVID-19 China is one of them. The biggest tourist attraction in China is new skyscrapers and the majority of them are in Shanghai including the famous Oriental Pearl TV Tower, The Shanghai World Financial Center& Shimao International Plaza.

8. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known for its business and corporate activities but no wonder this financial hub of Asia is also well known for its tourism but COVID-19 has now affected its tourism and trade. The investment hub of Asia is a lockdown in order to prevent the pandemic from spreading. Hongkong has towering skyscrapers and with these skyscrapers combination of laser lights with music is a show which can’t be missed and it is worth watching in the night when the sky is dark.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong

These laser and music combination experience becomes more magical from the deck of Victoria Peak & Kowloon waterfront. Another tourist attraction in Hong Kong is Ocean Park where tourists visits to enjoy the company of numerous species of cute pandas and aquarium of above 400 species of fishes, now these all activities are on pause and Hong Kong is observing a complete lockdown due to COVID-19.

9. Venice

Venice is among the top tourists’ destinations which have been under a complete lockdown due to COVID-19. Venice is a jewel of eminent arts of Byzantine times reflected in its Churches and Chapels like Santi Giovanni. It is a city that is rich in its historical constructions which leaves a person astounded.


Another major tourist attraction in Venice is its Grand Canal which starts from Piazzale Roma & ends to Piazza San Marco and in between it will tour from almost entire Venice which depends on your spending. Venice had stopped its annual carnival celebration and Italy Government has advised the tourists to empty the city as soon as possible.

10. Beijing

The government of China has lockdown Beijing as a precaution from COVID-19. Beijing is a milestone for the historical Great Wall of China which is only one hour away from China. Great Wall of China is the main tourist place to visit while other tourist attractions in Beijing are its temples which are true illustrations of China medieval culture and construction.


The Temple of Heaven&The The Lama Temple is the main tourist attraction and of course, the great zoo of Beijing and numerous museums also give a fine invitation to tourists to give a visit.

11. London

London is not the worst affected city as compared to other European travel destinations or if we compared it with the Asian tourist attractions but the Government of England has lockdown the entire city due to the uprising recent wave of COVID-19 in Europe.


London has its own attractions from Big Ben to London Tower or Buckingham Palace to London Eye and various Museums like British Museum or Victoria Museums, apart from all of it the nightlife of London is also a wonderful experience from pubs to classic wine houses.

12. Macau

COVID-19 pandemic has also burst in Macau and the administration of Macau has restricted its citizens from travel and neither the tourists are allowed to visit Macau. In history, this might be the first time when Macau colors are faded but let’s hope it will retain quickly.


A smaller territory with relatively huge GDP which comes from its two major contributing industries first tourism and secondly Gambling. If we describe Macau as a gambling hub of Asia then it will truly suit this smaller rich state. If you are tired from gambling and want to see some spectacular scenes than The Venetian & Macau Tower will serve your purpose well and will provide you with astounding views that you will remember for a long time.

13. Singapore

COVID-19 has started to drive out the brightness of this vibrant city as this pandemic is rising with every passing day.


Singapore is a city where rich often like to visit due to its luxurious and extravagant wealthy lifestyle which varies from high-end expensive shopping, fine dining & luxurious hotels like Marina Bay Sands. For kids, there is an attraction of Singapore zoos where white tigers will draw the children’s attention and countless tourist attractions like Singapore flyers are must-visit places.

14. Jerusalem

A holy place for Jews where thousands of Jews come daily for pray and tourists from different parts of the world came here to study the most ancient religious site Al-Aqsa mosques located on the western bank, equally respectful for three major religions of this world Islam, Christianity & Jews.


It is to be believed by Muslims and Jews that the highest number of prophets are buried in this place but due to the pandemic COVID-19 tourists are quite rare to see here and Israel Government has prohibited the tourists to touch the Western Wall of pray which is the holiest site of Judaism.

15. Berlin

Berlin tourism has interrupted by the upcoming wave of COVID-19 in Europe and people have quarantine themselves in order to prevent this pandemic to spread. Berlin is an essential place to pay a visit to German culture enthusiasts. Berlin is also a center of German politics, art, and culture which roots from WWII. Berlin is one of the most visited cities by tourists because of its various attractions. Berlin has various interesting museums to visit like the German Historical Museum, Museum Island, Checkpoint Charlie Museum, Jewish Museum Berlin, German Museum of Technology, Pergamon Museum&DDR Museum. Berlin is also evidence of Nazi cruelty & atrocity and various sites remind of Hitler war crimes and Jews from the world come to pay the homage to the Jews site which was WWII victims.


Now we will discuss the precautionary measures which you can take in order to save you and your family from COVID-19. The most common advice we can provide is those if regularly be act upon them you can remain safe from COVID-19 and below precautions are recommended by the World Health Organization.

 Tips and Precautions from COVID-19

  • Always wash hands after coming the home from outside for at least 10 seconds or use alcohol-based sanitizer if the soap and water are unavailable.
  • Always use masks and gloves on hands and dispose of them carefully after removing them, wash hands and face with a good soap.
  • Maintain social and physical distancing and do not shake hands or hugs.
  • Do not stay at common places where people are gathered and do not eat in public places as well, maintain at least 4 feet distance from another person.
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth unless washing the hands for at least 20 seconds and cover your mouth while sneezing or coughing.
  • Do not use personal items from your friends and family.
  • Isolation is better than quarantine because despite having COVID-19 in you and symptoms do not appear in yourself and you unintentionally transmit to another person whose immune system is not as stronger as yours than it will cause serious damage to other people in the form of life.
  • Frequently wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. When soap and running water are unavailable, use an alcohol-based hand rub with at least 60% alcohol. Always wash hands that are visibly soiled.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
Coronavirus Disease 2019 Rotator Graphic for
Coronavirus Disease 2019 Rotator Graphic for (U.S. Air Force Graphic by Rosario “Charo” Gutierrez)
World Stats of COVID-19

Total number of cases till to date are 536,478

Total causalities 24,114 from Covid-19

Recovered from 124,395

Italy and Spain have the most causalities from Covid-19 with death tolls of 8,215 & 4,365 respectively.

There are reports that the USA will bypass other Covid-19 infected countries as number of Covid-19 is increasing rapidly with the affected number of 82,200 as compared to China which has 81,782 cases.

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